COVID-19 Update

Masks are Mandatory for all showings!

Covid-19: Province Makes Changes to Health Orders Under Red: Critical Status - What REALTORS® Need to Know as of November 20, 2020

On November 19, the province announced changes to the health orders under the Red: Critical Status Level under the Pandemic Response System.

An exception has been granted for real estate services. The updated order states that effective November 20, a person who resides in a private residence must not permit a person who does not normally reside in that residence to enter or remain in the residence. However, the order does not prevent a person from entering the private residence of another person for the purposes of real estate services, provided all other protocols and provisions under the orders are followed, i.e., wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing. This allows a REALTOR® to bring a buyer into a seller's residence and to meet with a seller at their residence.

The Manitoba Real Estate Association, WinnipegREALTORS® and Brandon Area REALTORS® continue to strongly recommend that all Manitoba REALTORS® discontinue hosting open houses and continue to follow public health guidelines and recommended measures for scheduled property showings. 

Once again, we are sharing an important message from the 2020 Presidents of The Manitoba Real Estate Association, Brandon Area REALTORS® and WinnipegREALTORS® to understand how REALTORS® can continue to show industry leadership to protect Manitobans while conducting the critical service of real estate. 
Also included is an infographic to distill this information in a format that is easy to understand and follow.

Recommendations for all Manitoba REALTORS®:

  • REALTORS® must protect their clients and the public and not create situations that may potentially spread the risk of Covid-19.

  • While our province is under code red restriction, we strongly recommend against holding open houses.

  • Use alternative methods to show your properties, including scheduled property showings and virtual showings which are proven methods to selling and buying properties.

  • Follow the recommended measures for conducting property showings.

  • REALTORS® are responsible for the conduct of all parties when showing a property, including ensuring all parties wear face masks and complete the recommended health disclosure for property showings form