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Why on earth would I get a Home Inspections?

Updated: Oct 16

Do I have your attention? For the record, I think a home inspection is important! For the last few years it has been tough for buyers to put in their offer, conditional upon a home inspection. There were multiple offers and buyer just weren’t able in some cases to have that condition and get the home but is there a risk to not having a home inspection in your offer, well there is a few ways around it and getting an inspection done.

First, we see if the home owner already had an inspection completed and see if we can get the report from it. Now I would prefer to have our inspector look at the property but this is better than nothing.

Second, We have an inspector or contractor come with us before we put an offer in, this way we get an insight on the property before any offers are submitted, the downside is that it may cost you money to do this, if you didn't get the home.

But before be go to deep, What is a home inspection and why do we need one?

A home inspection could save you thousands, in the long run but will cost you a few hundred, off the start.

When you hire a home inspector this is what they will do, they examine the house in depth to find any problems.

The inspection usually takes a couple hours but will go beyond the cosmetic aspects.

The main categories include: - Structure, including the foundation - Plumbing and electricity, to make sure the systems are working properly - HVAC, including the air conditioner, furnace and related equipment - Kitchen, including appliances - Exterior, such as driveways, porches and other spaces beyond the residence - Roof, gutters and windows - Attic, especially to find signs of mold and leaks

When the inspector is complete they will issue a detailed report soon after! Then we can determine any problems that will need to be addressed right away or problems that could cost thousands to repair.

I hope this help and as always buying or selling give me a call!

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