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Why use a realtor? Why work with me!

You might be wondering, why use a realtor when I can buy a home by myself, using a lawyer or sell my home privately. You would be right, you can do those things on your own, but why?

When you use a real estate professional like myself we provide support. For purchasers our real estate services are free, the vendor in the transaction pays for my services, as a buyer why wouldn’t you hire your own personal realtor? As a realtor for a purchaser, I search for properties for you, I provide a market analysis to determine if the house is worth the asking price, I will do the grunt work in finding all the answers to your questions, I help negotiation the terms and conditions of the offer and I make sure the transaction runs smoothly.

You might be wondering well that's great and all but what is the benefit to using a realtor when selling a home. Selling a home there are more involved parts, from setting the price, preparing & staging, marketing, showings, following up, handling the offers, negotiations and closing. Let's go further!

Setting the price: When It comes to selling, the biggest part is the value of your home and depending on the market house price will vary. If your home is overpriced, it could affect the outcome of your sale in a negative way. I have the knowledge, experience and support to get the house priced right.

Preparing & Staging: I assist in the preparation and staging of your home, I use my knowledge to provide tips and insight into what should be addressed.

Marketing: When it comes to marketing this is where the knowledge and experience will show. I hire a photographer to come after we have staged the home to capture the home at its best. I will use my social media and technology to get you the best exposure. Getting your home viewed to the most amount of people, a for sale sign only goes so far and lots of people can post on kijiji and facebook but marketing goes further, reaching people not only here in Manitoba but across the country, as many people are moving to Manitoba.

Showings & Follow ups: As the agent, I take care of getting purchasers pre approved, showing the property and showcasing the features of the home and selling it to them. I handle all the calls and inquiries from the

basic questions “what's the price?”, to follow up with people who are called “tire kickers” aren't serious but still want to exhaust the lead.

Handling the Offer & Negotiations: We now have someone interested and we get and offer. What terms and conditions do you put in place? What are key things to look for in an offer? What is an appropriate deposit amount? Who holds the deposit? These might be questions you are wondering, this is where my experience and knowledge shines. I want to make sure the offer we get is in your best interest, from putting in clauses to lower your liability.

Closings: Now that we have a deal in place and we are waiting for possession, I make sure all pieces are moving as planned. Making sure your next home is ready and your lawyers have everything they need to make sure this transaction closes.

So now that you made it here, I ask you. Do you want someone who will keep your interest at heart and provide you with the best possible service? Of course you want the best. So let's get started and have an introductory conversation to answer any questions.


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