Winkler is one of Manitoba’s fastest-growing cities and the largest centre in the Pembina Valley. It is located about an hour and a half north of the provincial capital, making it a convenient place to live for those who enjoy country living. Incorporated as a city in 2002, Winkler has experienced phenomenal growth in recent years. Many people are moving away from cities like Winnipeg, where there are more stressors such as crime and traffic, to Winkler, where there is considerably less stress. Winkler is a friendly, tight-knit community with the typical small-town feel. 

Winkler’s real estate market is always active, with a steady flow of new listings. Given the speedy growth that the city is seeing, there’s no question why the housing market is growing with it. Newer subdivisions are being built all the time, while older ones keep shrinking in price as more and more people move into them. Winkler has many options for someone looking to buy a house – ranging from $100,000 and up when it comes to neighbourhood living

Winkler has become the shopping, entertainment, and industrial centre of Southern Manitoba in recent years, thanks to advancements in manufacturing and production. Its largest annual event is the Harvest Festival, a four-day festival with parade floats, fireworks displays, and performances by professional musicians from around Canada. Bethel Heritage Park is the city’s newest downtown attraction. This gigantic nature park features a fountain, an outdoor theatre, and monthly art exhibits. The new Arts and Culture Centre at 547 Park Street offers many different classes and events throughout the year – you will not be bored! With 25% growth over the past decade alone and many new companies planning to open up shop in Winkler, it’s no question why so many people are moving to this beautiful city.

As the hub of Pembina Valley, Winkler’s roots are in agriculture, commerce, and industry. The city is home to an assortment of businesses, manufacturers, agricultural producers, and financial service providers. Many people are choosing Winkler as a place for their families because of the jobs it offers. If you’re a business owner who’s looking for new opportunities in Manitoba, Winkler may be just what you need! The Garden Valley School District governs Winkler’s school system, and it has over 10 schools (K-12) to offer. If you are moving with the family, Winkler provides a plethora of education options for you to choose from.

As a growing city with all the amenities of a major city centre, Winkler is the perfect balance of stress-free living that will be perfect to make your new home in.

Distance to Nearby Cities

  • 13km (8 miles) to Morden

  • 98km (61 miles) to Winnipeg

  • 696km (432 miles) to Saskatoon

  • 893km (555 miles) to Omaha

Things To Do In Winkler, MB

When you and your family move to this thriving city, you’ll always find things to do. As soon as you think you’ve done it all, there’s usually something new to discover. Here are our top 10 favourite spots in Winkler:

  1. Bethel Heritage Park

    • This park features a huge fountain and an outdoor theatre for amazing performances. There’s also an amphitheatre that hosts concerts and theatrical shows in the summer. Every last Wednesday of each month, there’s free art at the “Art Walk” event on Main Street,with exhibits from local artists.

  2. Pembina Threshermen’s Museum

    • This museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving and displaying historical machinery. It features a huge collection of steam engines, tractors, gas engines and implements of the prairie farming era. It’s a big attraction for those who like history! If you’re looking for something fun to do with your family in Winkler, this should be on your list.

  3. PW Enns Centennial Concert Hall

    • Located at 547 Park Street, the family friendly PW Enns Concert Hall is home to many events year-round. Every September there’s a free concert event for all ages called Pembina Valley Presents. There are also many other concerts and musical performances throughout the year, so you can be sure that there’s always something new to see. 

  4. Winkler Heritage Museum

    • This is a huge attraction for history buffs. This museum covers Winkler’s agricultural roots as well as its most recent industrial progressions, making it a very interesting place to visit! It features all kinds of artifacts, documents and displays from the past.

  5. Winkler Aquatic Centre

    • This massive 22 lane facility features a variety of swimming courses, family and group swims are available. It’s a great place to cool off during hot summer days or if you want to work on those laps!

  6. Clay Owl Studio

    • If you’re interested in art or pottery, this is the place to be. You can take one of the studio’s classes and get hands-on experience with equipment that ranges from potter’s wheels to kilns. There are also drop-in classes where you can learn something new any day of the week!

  7. Valley Bowling Lanes

    • Winkler’s bowling alley features ten fully automated lanes. There are always plenty of fun events such as Trivia Nights and Ladies’ Night that will make it extra exciting!

  8. Landmark Cinemas 5 Winkler

    • This modern building features 7 different theatres. There are all kinds of blockbuster films to check out, as well as special events and movie premieres.

  9. Meadows Golf & Amusements

    • If you’re looking for fun and entertainment, this place is sure to please. They have mini-golf, a pool hall, an arcade and more!

  10. Winkler Golf Club

    • Winkler Golf Club is home to 9 holes with two different sets of tees. You can play as many times as you want, so it’s a great place to practice your swing if you’re thinking about the next time you’ll go pro!

Winkler Day Trips

There are several places to see nearby, including some of Manitoba’s most iconic attractions. Here are some different day trips you can take out of Winkler when you’re looking for a little adventure.

  1. Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

    • Located about two hours from Winkler, this is one of our favourite places. It was constructed in 1835, and many historical events occurred here as the gateway to western Canada. The grounds feature a visitor centre, walking trails, and reconstructed buildings part of its rich cultural history!

  2. Old Mill State Park

    • Only a two-hour drive away from Winkler, this park features two waterfalls. One is at the foot of an old dam built in the late 1800s to generate power for a flour mill and several other buildings during the first few decades of settlement. The accompanying walking path has been constructed on top of an embankment below the original. The main attraction is the beach, but there are also hiking trails and camping available! If you’re looking for a little lake fun with your family or friends, Old Mill State Park is the place to be. 

  3. Walhalla Park District

    • Walhalla Park is an award-winning park that offers easy access to the Winkler River. Located 30 minutes from Winkler, it features picnic shelters and a playground, in addition to a brand new water feature! Walhalla is family-oriented and features a lot of great facilities. You’ll find outdoor pools in the summer months, as well as tennis courts and lots of recreational activities for all ages. 

  4. Lake Alice National Wildlife Refuge

    • Located just about 2 hours from Winkler, this wetland is located at the mouth of the St. Andrews River and features marshy grasslands fed by water from nearby lakes. It’s home to many species of birds and wildlife, including some rare nesting swans! It’s a great place to see hundreds of different species of wildlife.